Bibi-Ka-Makbara, Aurangabad

Aurangabad Caves, Aurangabad

Nasik Caves, Nasik

Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad

Ellora Caves, Aurangabad

Quila-I-Shakin, Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad

Conservation & Preservation - Aurangabad Circle

There are 168 centrally protected monuments / sites under the jurisdiction of Aurangabad Circle and these monuments are periodically inspected by sub circle incharge and senior officers and inspection notes are drawn regarding conservation measures to be taken up.

The policy for Conservation of monuments is primarily aimed at extending the life of the monument without altering their original features. Reconstruction of the missing portions is kept to the barest minimum except when it is absolutely necessary for its structural stability. The guidelines for conservation works are laid down in the Archaeological Works Code and Archaeological Conservation Manual. The objectives of the Conservation is "To conserve and preserve the monuments and the natural resources around, improve the infrastructure and visitor management, carry out tourist developmental activities and arrange training programs for higher quality of tourism, and improve the quality of life of local population around centrally protected monuments and also to integrate the local population with the development of tourism"

Before conservation measures are initiated an extensive study of the monument is done as to its period, the contemporary technology and the materials used for construction. Even the craftsman who are still perusing such vocations are employed so that they can easily understand the intricacies of the work involved and take up the work with considerable dedication. Pre-conservation documentation is carried out of the damaged part of the Monuments which require urgent attention for conservation. Estimates are framed and approval of the competent authority obtained and the work is included in the works program subject to the availability of funds.

All these 168 centrally protected monuments are divided into World Heritage Monuments, ticketed monuments and other monuments. Priority is given for the World Heritage monuments and also the ticketed monuments where the tourist inflow is more. Not only repairs of the monuments, public amenities are also provided at the above Category-I and II group of monuments. Category-III monuments are preserved annually so that further deterioration does not take place.

Most of the monuments are being maintained in good state of preservation by taking up periodic maintenance/conservation works of these monuments. The annual maintenance of these monuments are being carried out under A.R. (Non Plan) as per the funds made available to this office. The maintenance works (minor works) include rank vegetation around and over the monuments, pointing the exposed surface and water proofing the roof etc. the major repairs are being undertaken under the head of S.R.(Plan) as per the approved annual conservation programme. For the sites which fall under the project of "Ajanta Ellora Conservation and Tourism Development Master Plan". A Panel of Experts (POE) consisting of four Indian and four international experts has been constituted by the Ministry of Tourism (MoT), Government of India (GOI) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as advised by the UNESCO, for the smooth implementation of conservation packages and for ensuring quality of conservation.

Conservation works are being carried out as per the necessity and availability of funds, the list of conservation taken up by Aurangabad circle (monument wise) is furnished below: