Bibi-Ka-Makbara, Aurangabad

Aurangabad Caves, Aurangabad

Nasik Caves, Nasik

Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad

Ellora Caves, Aurangabad

Quila-I-Shakin, Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad


List of important discoveries (district wise) carried out in Maharashtra form 1953 to till date

1953 - 54 Jalgaon Patan STONE AGE TOOLS ASSEMBLEDGE:- In the course of his inspection and chemical treatment of the inscription in the Bhawani temple, about 10 miles from Chalisgaon, the Archaeological Chemist in India collected a large number of microlithic tools from a hillock to the north of the temple across the river-bed. The tools consisted of Flakess and cores of Chalcedony, quartz, Chert and jasper.
1955 - 56 Aurangabad Ajanta DISCOVERY OF NEW CAVE :- During the clearance of debries of a retaining wall which had collapsed in a landslip, a new cave, a vihara, of the earlier group of the second century B. C., was discovered by Shri Abdul Waheed Khan. It was found to have a main hall, about 12 ft., square, and three cells, respectively on the front, right and the left sides, each with stone beds and pillows. Over the cell-doors were canopies of chaitya-windows, with the Buddhist railing-pattern within it and also connecting the other chiatya-window motifs. There was a string-course of pyramidal design running all round the wall at the ceiling-level. On the outer portion of the front wall was an inscription in shell-characters. The main entrance of the cave was blocked up by bricks, measuring 19x9x3 ½ in., probably by the excavators of Cave 16 with its very imposing entrance flanked by an elephant carved on either side. During the clearance of the cave, fragments, of high-necked sprinklers of the Red Polished Ware were found.
1955 - 56 Poona Bhaja DISCOVERY OF TWO CAVES: - Two more caves were discovered by Shri M. N. Deshpande, one a vihara and the other a Chaitya. The vihara, probably unfinished, was situated about 200 yards to the south of the famous vihara-cave containing sculpture of Surya and Indra and had a hall measuring 21 ft. 9 in X 14 ft. and three cells on either side and an unfinished one on the back wall. The chaitya, another 200 yards away to its south, was almost circular on plan with a diameter 8 ft. 10 in., with the stupa-shrine at the centre.
1956 - 57 Ahmadnagar Ahmadnagar MESOLITHIC SITE: Shri B. B. Lal and Shri M. N. Deshpande Microliths on a large quantity.
1956 - 57 Poona Harni DISCOVERY OF BRICK TEMPLE:- Shri K. R. Kpre disovered the remains of brick temple, dating from circa seventh centry. Both these places are mentioned in the Jejuri plates of the Chalukya Vinayaditya.
1956 - 57 Satara Karad STONE AGE TOOLS ASSEMBLEDGE :-:- Shri B. B. Lal and Shri M. N. Deshpande found, in the Krishna valley, , painted pottery and microliths of the type found at sites in the Tapti-Guava valleys
1956 - 57 Poona Karla STONE AGE TOOLS ASSEMBLEDGE:- Shri B. B. Lal and Shri M. N. Deshpande also discovered an ancient site, half a mile to the west of the Malavli Dak Bungalow, near the Buddhist caves at Karla, containing a large number of microliths comprising Blades, Lunates, Points and Scrapers, variously of carnelian, jasper, agate and Chalcedony, besides a bead of agate and a few shreds of coarse pottery of ochre-red colour.
1956 - 57 Poona Khed STONE AGE TOOLS ASSEMBLEDGE:- Dr. Sankalia and his party some palaeolithic tools of Series I and II, and tools of Series II only in stratified gravels at several sites along a stretch of 75 to 100 miles along the Bhima, surveyed by the party.
1956 - 57 Poona Khed HISTORICAL SITE:- - Dr. S. B. Deo and Shri Z. D. Ansari found the Red Polished Ware on a mound overlooking the Bhima River.
1956 - 57 Mumbai Mumbai STONE AGE TOOLS ASSEMBLEDGE :- Shri S. G. Malik undertook a fresh exploration of the Mumbai area and discovered new sections with all the three Series of tools.
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